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First and Complete Hair and Skin Care in Bangladesh.

Temporary Hair Loss

Emotional turmoil, medications, skin conditions, surgery, childbirth, poor nutrition and illnesses can cause hair follicles to enter the telogen phase prematurely, resulting in increased shedding which presents itself as temporary diffuse thinning.

Among the many medical conditions that can cause hair loss, the most common ones are:
• Anemia
• Thyroid disease
• Other endocrine problems (especially those that produce excess androgens)
• Gynecological conditions - such as ovarian tumors
• Connective tissue disease (such as Lupus)
• Surgical procedures and general anesthesia
• Rapid weight loss or crash diets that are not nutritionally balanced
• Severe emotional stress
• Drugs such as oral contraceptives ,thyroid medication ,blood pressure medication (such as beta-blockers or water pills), "mood" medication such as lithium, Prozac, or tri-cyclic antidepressants, blood thinners such as heparin or coumadin, cholesterol lowering medication

The treatment of all these medical causes of hair loss( which never cause total baldness) is that of underlying cause. Proper nutrition containing proteins, vitamins and minerals, avoiding stress and treatment of the underlying disease, by a specialist, are advised.

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