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First and Complete Hair and Skin Care in Bangladesh.

Targeted Phototherapy

Phototherapy of This Presentation

  • Trace the developments in phototherapy
  • Discuss the targeted phototherapy
  • compare UV-TPT with Nb UVB and excimer laser technology
  • Outline the different machines available
  • Discuss the existing data in the light of our experience

  • Conventional Phototherapy Whole body cabinets Palms and soles machines Scalp machines Home use machines All involve Direct exposure to the tubes Conventional Phototherapy-disadvantages Exposure of uninvolved areas Slow delivery system Slow response Frequent visits to clinic Difficulty in applying to certain areas( genitals, oral mucosa, ear) Difficult for children Large office space required Targeted Phototherapy Concentrated phototherapy Focused phototherapy Microphototherapy Delivery of UV/laser light through handheld devices focused at specific areas. The definition includes laser, UV and Monochromatic ( intense pulse) light Targeted Phototherapy-advantages Exposure of only involved areas Handheld delivery fast delivery Delivery of supererythemogenic doses of UV Faster response ? Less Frequent visits to clinic? Treatment of difficult areas( scalp, , nose, genitals, oral mucosa, ear) Easy administration for children Less space occupying Targeted Phototherapy-modalities Excimer laser UV light sources with improved handheld delivery systems Intense pulse light systems Excimer laser Uses Xe Cl2 gas 308 nm wavelength Previously used in cardiology and ophthalmology Delivery system may be fibre optic/water guided Very quick delivery Initial reports claimed response with in 1-3 exposures in psoriasis and vitiligo works in resistant lesions and scars? Mechanism? higher doses?deeper penetration? Activation of dormant melanocytes? xtrac from photomedex ,Talos from wavelight Very expensive-130,000 $ Huge machine-over 120 kgs High maintanance cost Frequent replacement of Xe CL2 gas Frequent breakdown of fibre optic cables
    After 12 Sessions

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