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First and Complete Hair and Skin Care in Bangladesh.

History of Liposuction

Liposuction was initially developed in 1978-1982 in Italy and France, and introduced into the United States in 1982. At that time liposuction could only be performed under general anesthesia and was called dry liposuction when no fluid was introduced in to fat. Later a small amount of fluid was introduced in to fat and was referred to as the wet technique.

These methods were associated with so much blood loss that patients frequently required hospitalization and blood transfusions. In 1985, Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein, M.D., a dermatologist in California, revolutionized liposuction surgery when he developed the tumescent technique, which permits liposuction totally by local anesthesia and virtually eliminates surgical blood loss. Because the tumescent technique is by far the safest form of liposuction, it has become the world wide standard of care. Not only has the tumescent technique proven to be safer than the older techniques that required general anesthesia, it has also proven to be less painful, has minimized post-operative recovery time, and has produced optimal cosmetic results.

Previously (and even now by most doctors) , liposuction has been performed as follows:

1) General anesthesia
2) Introduction of small amount of fluid
3) Making large incisions ( 1.5 cms) to introduce cannulae
4) Sucking the fat out through large cannulae 1cm in diameter
5) Suturing the incision wounds of cannulae

While the procedure was quick (lasting 2-3 hours) and thus saved time for the surgeon, it had several disadvantages:

Since the method was under general anesthesia, patient had to be hospitalized
This added significantly to the cost.
General anesthesia always has its risks.
Use of large cannulae causes damage to tissue and hence bleeding is more.
Since large cannulae were used to suck out fat rapidly, these needed large incisions which had to be stitched leaving behind significant scars.
Recovery time was slow, as after any procedure under general anesthesia.

The "Art of Liposuction"

Liposuction is a medium of artistic expression that displays itself in (1) a practical application of scientific knowledge, (2) the production of what is beautiful, (3) a perfection of workmanship, (4) a perpetual quest for improvement in technique, and (5) a skill attained through clinical experience, and above all (6) making people feel happy about what they see in the mirror.

In liposuction, maximum speed and maximum volume of aspirate are not the criteria for excellence. Ultimately, excellence is measured in terms of patient happiness which is a function of safety, patient comfort, finesse, and quality of results.

We practice the safest form of liposuction in our centre as Dr Bakhtier Kamal has been trained by Dr Klein, father of modern tumescent liposuction.

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