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First and Complete Hair and Skin Care in Bangladesh.

Acne Scars

What is a Scar?
Scars result when the skin repairs wounds caused by accident, disease, or surgery. The more the skin is damaged and the longer it takes to heal, the greater the chance of a noticeable scar.

Treatment of scars depends on the type of scar, shape, depth, type of skin and most importantly attitude and motivation of the patient. Acne(pimple) scars are of different shapes & size: round, oval, linear, worm like. Each type of scar needs a special & different treatment.

Creams do not help in management of scars. Therefore in almost all cases, different procedures are needed for management of scars. Any treatment should be safe, easy, and without any after effects or side effects.


What is Pixel laser?
In this technology, the Pixel laser treats only a small fraction of the skin at a time (about 25-35%), and leaves the rest of the skin unaffected. There may be a slight redness for one day & the patient can go to work the very same day. Treatment is quick- only 15 minutes.

Why is it better?
It works well for irregular scars like oval, linear, post injury scars. Healing and recovery are rapid. It is a very safe, effective & painless treatment. 4-6 sessions are needed once in 2-3 weeks. It by itself gives 60% results.

In this method, an instrument called DERMAROLLER consisting of tiny needles is rolled over the scars. It is done after applying an anaesthetic cream to the treatment area to be left for about 35-40min. It is followed by mild redness & swelling of the treated area for 2-3 days. It is done once in 3-4 weeks It is useful for scars which are deeper and have loose skin.

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